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Thursday, May 26, 2011

To all of u who think I don't blog enough

That is all..
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Upcoming Mortal Kombat Patch

With the rising popularity of the Mortal Kombat reboot, new characters and game fixes are imminent. Ed Boon, co-creator of Mortal Kombat, sits down with G4tv to discuss future plans for the game. Ed Boon also states on his twitter page @noobde "Patch improves overall online experience!" Two new playable characters, Skarlet and Kenshi will be realeased. As well as a few character nerfs. And yes, for all of you Ermac fans, the developers agree that "he is a tad overpowered!" >:D

Another relieving patch fix will be an alleviation to most of the game latency issues. Lag seems to be the worst in ranked matches and king of the hill games. In all honesty it depends on the opponents internet connection... I dunno' about you guys, but I'm totally stoked and ready for this lag fix, as well as the MK3 Cyrax and Sector costumes! No official announcement has been released for the upcoming DLC and patch. However, Ed Boon drops hints on when it might come out in the G4tv interview!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Think Geek

Have you been searching for a geeky gift for somebody you know? Or maybe something for yourself, so you can wave it in your friends face to assert your geek dominance. This website is very cool, and I found a few things for my girlfriend there as well! (yes my girlfriend is a geek... BE JEALOUS!)

This wand is pretty cool! You can buy it on the website via this URL You can program it to change TV channels with a flick of the wrist! You can also turn the volume up and down with it. It has 13 different programmable functions. Perfect for any Harry Potter nerd... Personally, I'd prefer Star Wars...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Round 2! Xbox slim, is it worth it?

I had an original, 1st gen xbox360 that finally killed itself on monday. So I had to go out and get a replacement. I must say... It is pretty sexy! It is really quiet. Very nice not to have an xbox that sounds like a shop vac! The extra memory is nice too! My old one only had 10 gigs, as opposed to the 250 I have now. :) I dont have to worry about deleting old arcade games to get new ones.

The insides are better too! I shouldn't have to worry about the red ring of death on this one. Even tho I never had that problem on my old one. I also got a new controller at gamestop. It has an adjustable d-pad so I can make it work better for fighting games. The controller was expensive but should save me from putting holes in my drywall.

I'm typing from my android so I cant get too specific. But if u need a new xbox dont get ur old one repaired. Its more worth the money to buy a slim if u are out of warranty.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Virgin Mobile's LG Optimus V Phone Review

I'll start off by saying, "Lets keep this short." I don't like to read anymore than you do, so I'll just give you the juicy parts so you can decide if this product is worth looking at more in depth by somebody who probably knows less about the world than I do, via youtube. (Good luck with that btw. All the reviews I found were from fat kids who were talking about how to turn the phone on and shit.)

So your poor like me? We have something in common!
  • Virgin Mobile is a great service if you want the cheapest unlimited data plan out there. I spend about $27 a month on this phone's service plan (after tax).
  • Be sure you check your area to see if there is adequate coverage. Since Virgin Mobile is a branch off of Sprint, they say you get to use the fastest 3G network via Sprint. Unfortunately you are a poor bastard who probably works at McDonalds, therefore you don't get the luxury of having the "whole" Sprint network. Just bits and pieces.
  • Holy shit its an Android! Yep, even cheap bastards like me get to use this operating system. And it runs very smoothly! I actually like the setup better than the iphone. (it feels more like a phone than a media center)
  • Its cheaper than paying $40 + a month for using the exact same plan as Sprint's version of the phone.
  • When you have service, it runs almost flawlessly! I have had very few problems with this phone. The only error I have encountered was a problem that was caused by one of the apps. Juice Defender (a power saving app) had changed my phones power usage, so whenever it was in sleep mode it lost signal... I'll spare you the profanities I shouted while troubleshooting...
  • Angry Birds!
  • I can add minutes to my plan anytime I want without having to pay extra per month. It costs 10 cents per minute if you go over your month's allowed minutes. (depending on which plan you choose)
  • NO CONTRACT! If you absolutely hate the phone, you can cancel without having to pay a disconnect fee. If you hate it that bad, they will even refund your purchase of the phone. As long as it is within 30 days of buying the phone.
  • 3.2 mega pixel camera. You can even download apps that turn off the "recording" or "clicking" sound when taking pictures/video. Thus allowing you to covertly spy on people without them knowing you are taking pictures. aka JAMES BOND SHIT!
  • The sound quality of phone conversations is pretty clear. The other person can also understand you pretty clearly. (beats the hell out of Verizon's sound quality)
  • Outsourcing... You can't go 1 inch on their customer service line without talking to Achmed the dead terrorist... Even when making a purchase you have to deal with scripted jibberish.
  • Battery life is pretty low. However you can download apps that prolong the battery life.
  • The battery gets very hot when using apps.
    • I don't do a lot of traveling, the area I live in is completely covered by Virgin Mobile's service plan. However, if I travel further south (about 1 hour away) I will lose service completely. (I never stray too terribly far away from home, so this works out for me)
    • This is not a phone provider you want to use if you do a lot of traveling!
  • Terrorists!
  • Data coverage is spotty when driving. Even in areas where I get good coverage. This isn't a hugely horrible thing. It's not like I cant use the phone at all while driving. After-all, you shouldn't text and drive anyway! Bad things could happen, and you could orphan a horrible British child actor. As portrayed in this hilarious public service announcement.   
But for reals, its not funny... Actually I found the video hysterical!
I am very pleased with the product! I didn't have to pay an arm and left testicle for service, and it does exactly what I need it to do. I use more data than I do minutes, and I never drive too far away from home or work; so this service works out perfectly for me! If I run over on my 300 minute limit, I can always "top-up" or add minutes to my phone without having to alter my current plan. Your plan's minutes reset every month, and if you have any extra time that you added on from going over on a previous month, then it will carry over. There is no commitment, so if you hate the service you can return the phone for a full refund and cancel your agreement. NO DISCONNECT CHARGE! And... HOLY SHIT IT'S AN AFFORDABLE ANDROID!

And if your thinking, "I'm not going to use Virgin Mobile, I don't want to affiliate myself in any way shape or form with poverty stricken individuals! Even if this plan has everything I need for a cheap price..." Well then you can go to hell with Osama...

Oooooh, too soon? :(

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Red Ringed!

Whelp, it finally happened! Yes... What you hear is true... My Xbox is dead! While playing through the ladder as Sub-Zero I reach Shao Khan; as the match starts his first hit on me causes my Xbox to scramble its brains... Thus confirming the fact that Shao Khan is the cheapest boss in history! He has obtained the ability to merge realms using my Xbox as a portal. Let it be known that this is the first time that Mortal Kombat has committed a fatality on a gaming system...

Frustrated after my Xbox red ringed, I turn on the television only to find out that at the exact time my Xbox had died was the same time that, officially, Osama Bin Laden had been pronounced dead! 10:45 pm. EST. The greatest news was that he was shot "at least once in the head" according to CNN, by a small US sting operation taking place in Pakistan and NO AMERICANS WERE HARMED during this firefight! FLAWLESS VICTORY! The national anthem was played outside my apartment complex, as drunken hillbillies chanted "U.S.A.!" I joined them in the chanting. Only I was not chanting "U.S.A." I was chanting FATALITY!!!

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